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12-Piece Air Bag Removal Kit

£44.44 Ex. VAT
Made to allow the fast and safe removal of steering wheel airbags. This kit comes with updated tools for a variety of applications.

5-Piece Inflating Air Pillow Set

£83.53 Ex. VAT
By slotting the pillow into the gap between the door and body the pillow can be inflated using the hand pump until the door will wedge open enough to retrieve the keys. By using a magnetic tool or gripper the keys can be retrieved easily and quickly. Simple but effective design allowing entry to vehicles when the keys are stuck inside. 5 bag types included to suit a wide range of common vehicles. Hand pump operated.

6-Piece Extra Long Door Upholstery Trim Tools

£39.09 Ex. VAT
For pulling clips, wires, gaskets, rings, washers & other parts. 3 x extra long shaft narrow 'u-slot' pry bars. 3 x long shaft narrow 'u-slot' pry bars.

6-Piece Universal Wiper Arm Puller Set **UPDATED VERSION**

£133.03 Ex. VAT
Comprehensive kit designed to remove a variety of wiper arms. 1232-1 Specially designed for Audi Q7 1232-2 Audi A3, A4, A5, A6. 1232-3 VW Lupo, Polo, Vauxhall Astra G, Zaphira B, Corsa C, Vectra C, Honda Jazz, CRV, FRV plus more. 1232-4 BMW 5 Series (E39), 7 Series (E38), VW Golf and Passat to 2005. 1232-5 Ford Galaxy, SEAT Alhambra, Mercedes A & B Class, VAG with internal washer nozzles. 1232-6 VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and other SUVs.

7-Piece Dolly Set

£221.63 Ex. VAT
A range of dolly profile heads, including: angled, heel, thin toe, double-ended & more. Specifically designed for panel beating aluminium panels.

8pc Removal Set

£17.16 Ex. VAT
Unique composite materials ensures that maximum force can be used without leaving scratch marks. For use on: dashboard components, door panels, wire stuffing, trim removal and lettering removal. Specially designed for the removal of car interiors & external trim.

9-Piece Plastic Tab Connector For Use With 5001-WW

£33.47 Ex. VAT
Extra tabs used for pulling dents. To be used with a slide hammer.

Cordless Electric Hot Stapler

£221.63 Ex. VAT
Allows for unrestricted use and can be used in various places thanks to versatile cordless design. Built in LED light useful for those jobs with restricted visibility. Supplied with 50 x 0.6mm staples in U, V & W types. Can also be used with 0.8mm staples. Recharging takes between 3-4 hours.

Dent Puller; Air Suction, Pro

£328.22 Ex. VAT
When using the pump the hammer creates a vacuum and causes the vacuum pad firmly holds on to the body allowing dents to easily be removed by working the sliding hammer. Independent of compressed air systems. 3 replaceable strainers Ø: 70, 100, 125mm.

Dent Removal Kit; 8-Piece

£276.75 Ex. VAT
Suitable for professional ''dent doctors''. Includes irons with round, flat, point and ball heads. Dip coated handles.

Dent Removal PDR Kit; 33-Piece Deluxe Paintless

£442.97 Ex. VAT
For repairing of dents e.g. hail damages, door bumps, etc. Allows repair of dents without painting. No need to disassemble car body parts.

Dent Removal Set 23-Piece

£463.22 Ex. VAT
Suitable for professional ''dent doctors''. Includes irons with round, flat, point and ball heads. Made of 5 to 14 mm round stainless steel. 45° up to 135° bent heads. Length: 250 mm to 1150mm. Dip coated handles.

Easy Lock™ Wiper Arm Removal Tool

£66.66 Ex. VAT
The simple click and lock mechanism is much easier and faster than the traditional removers on the market. Can be used on 99% of vehicles on the market today.

Electric Hot Stapler

£221.63 Ex. VAT
By repairing bodywork safely and securely you can save vast amounts time and money. Use to reinforce back to the original strength. Can be used on bumper splits. Temperature controlled. Supplied with 300 staples.

Electric Hot Stapler Hand Held Version

£188.44 Ex. VAT
New Hot Stapler Design designed for a quick repair and reinforcing broken/ripped / damaged/split plastic on vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc. Handheld design allows for use in a far greater number of workplaces. Produces a strong durable repair while still leaving plastic flexible enough for correct fit. Repairs plastic components such as bumpers, headlight fittings, panel clips, tabs, plastic pins, spoilers.

Fender Cover; Magnetic

£17.16 Ex. VAT
Fitted magnets inside the cover to fix into place whilst working. For the protection of the paintwork during repairs. Cover size: 80x60cm.