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EV Hybrid Tool Kit; 63-Piece

£694.95 Ex. VAT
Comprehensive EV-Hybrid Tool Kit A master EV tool kit designed for a wide range of applications, individually tested, and rated for 1,000 Volts Rugged Design Insulated VDE (Voltage Detection Equipment) fully compact tool case with rugged and shock-resistant features EVA Technology Tray Development All trays developed using EVA technology, providing durability and organization Kit Includes: Long Nose Pliers 8" Side Cutter Pliers 6" Combination Pliers 7" Circuit Tester Hex Key 3mm Hex Key 4mm Hex Key 5mm Hex Key 6mm Hex Key 8mm Hex Key 10mm Hex Key 12mm 1/2" Socket 10mm 1/2" Socket 11mm 1/2" Socket 12mm 1/2" Socket 13mm 1/2" Socket 14mm 1/2" Socket 16mm 1/2" Socket 17mm 1/2" Socket 18mm 1/2" Socket 19mm 1/2" Socket 21mm 1/2" Socket 22mm 1/2" Socket 24mm 1/2" Socket 27mm 1/2" Extension Bar 250mm 1/2" Ratchet Wrench 1/2" Bit Socket H4 1/2" Bit Socket H5 1/2" Bit Socket H6 1/2" Bit Socket H8 Wire Stripper 6" Waterpump Pliers 10" Adjustable Wrench 10" Scissors 6" Insluated Tape 10m Philips Screwdriver PH1x80mm Philips Screwdriver PH2x100mm Pozi Screwdriver PZ1x80mm Pozi Screwdriver PZ2x100mm Slotted Screwdriver SL3x0.5x100mm Slotted Screwdriver SL4x0.8x100mm Slotted Screwdriver SL5x1x125mm Slotted Screwdriver SL6x1.2x150mm Torx Screwdriver T15x80mm Torx Screwdriver T20x100mm Torx Screwdriver T30x130mm Open Ended Spanner 6mm Open Ended Spanner 7mm Open Ended Spanner 8mm Open Ended Spanner 9mm Open Ended Spanner 10mm Open Ended Spanner 11mm Open Ended Spanner 12mm Open Ended Spanner 13mm Open Ended Spanner 14mm Open Ended Spanner 15mm Open Ended Spanner 16mm Open Ended Spanner 17mm Open Ended Spanner 19mm Open Ended Spanner 21mm Wire Clamp 10mm Wire Clamp 20mm Wire Clamp 30mm

Socket Set; 1/2”dr Shallow, 10-32mm 6-Point

£73.07 Ex. VAT
High Grade Chrome Vanadium Steel Mirror Polish finish with Anti-Slip Knurl 6-Point Profile Manufactured to DIN Standards High Visibility Size Markings Supplied in EPA Foam Tray Sizes Include;10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30, 32mm