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18-Piece Specialist Brake Calliper Kit

£168.69 Ex. VAT
Various Brake Caliper Applications: Designed to work on a wide variety of vehicle brake caliper applications by featuring most vehicle brake caliper bits and sockets. Applications Including: Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Bendix & Gerling Braking Systems: Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Vauxhall, Opel & Smart.

2-Piece Adjustable Brake Pin Adaptors Universal Use

£44.44 Ex. VAT
Unique and universal usage because of the special design which allows the pins to be adjusted to suit almost any 2 or 3 pin calliper. Can be used with a hand winder or 1054-ww.

21-Piece Brake Piston Wind Back Kit (INCLUDES UPDATED ADAPTORS)

£77.63 Ex. VAT
This is a multi purpose kit for setting the rear brake pistons in a huge variety of models. Includes special updated adapter for use on VAG models (3-pin). Left and right handed spindles. Can be used on single, dual, triple and quad pin pistons.

8-Piece Universal Adjustable 2&3 Pin Brake Calliper Kit

£44.44 Ex. VAT
Adjustable 2pin adaptor fits 100 style of cars. Adjustable 3pin adaptor only to be used with electronic park brake(EPB) tools. Applications include: Audi, BMW, Iveco Daily, Renault, Range Rover, Seat, V.W, Volvo, ect.B29.

Brake Caliper Rewind Set; Air Operated 23-Piece Set

£102.12 Ex. VAT
Includes 1 pc compressor tool (1 pc additional UK connector). 22 pc magnetic drive key disk adapters. Features Designed to make disc brake services faster and energy saving. Tool can be turned both left and right; suitable for regular and reverse threaded pistons. Pneumatic powered tools wind pistons back by simply pressing a button. Includes 22 adapters that fit a wide range of vehicles.

Brake Calliper Rewind Spindle; Air Operated

£77.63 Ex. VAT
Adapter plate fully retracts into backing plate, thus particularly suitable for small brake piston distance. Suitable for all Welzh wind back kits found in the Automotive section. Works well with Welzh Brake Pin Adaptors (4193-WW).

Brake Calliper Wind Back Kit

£72.28 Ex. VAT
Comprehensive truly universal wind back kit designed to replace multiple tools and accessories. Right and left hand threads - replacing separate right and left handed thread winders. Also suitable for static press type callipers. Universal and adjustable 4 pin adapter - replacing more than 50 adapters. Also replaces many other adjustable and universal 2 and 3 pin adapters. Cab be used to press - replacing calliper press. Patented design.

Brake Rewind Kit; Air Operated

£133.03 Ex. VAT
Air spindle suitable for left and right handed use. Suitable for use on both older and newer vehicles. Air spindle also sold separate under 1054-WW. Applications: Alfa Romeo, Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, VW etc.

Brake Service Kit; 34-Piece

£88.59 Ex. VAT
The left handed thrust bolts are suitable for Ford, Citroen and Renault applications. The precision made adapter plates with thrust bolt assembly and reaction plate; helps prevent damage to pistons and seals. 24 calliper keys. Left and Right thread rewind tools. 4 Special Reaction Plates. 3 and 5 mm Pin Punches. 6 and 7 mm hex keys with elongated handles.

Brake Service Master Kit; 50-Piece

£254.81 Ex. VAT
Universal kit designed to be the only kit needed for a workshop or garage. Includes 39 adapters, suitable for the majority of vehicles. Suitable for left and right handed brake pistons. Includes an air operated spindle. Especially suitable for rear axle brake systems. Included stepped adapter for from axles. 2 hexagon keys 6 7mm. 2 pin punches for retaining pin on brake pad spring (Mercedes and Opel). 2 open thrust plates for badly worn out brake pads and limited working space. 4 specialist sockets.

BrakeMate™ Universal Brake Calliper Adaptor

£55.41 Ex. VAT
Dual Directional: The Welzh Werkzeug BrakeMate™ has been specifically designed to work on clockwise and counter clockwise brake callipers. 100% Universal Compatibility: Its unique design allows for use on ALL Manufacturer Brake systems which allows for cover of 100% of standard Brake Callipers. Air Spindle Compatible: Can be used with traditional left and right handed spindles as well as mounting directly on the Welzh 1054-WW Air Operated Spindle with no adaptor required. Versatile Pressure Pins: Versatile 2, 3 & 4 pin options adapt automatically to fit requirements. Secure Lock: Unique registered design locking function.

Ratcheting Brake Caliper Press ; Including 4 Pads

£83.25 Ex. VAT
Heavy Duty Brake Caliper Press Tool Made of high-quality carbon steel material, high strength, and durable. To prevent misalignment of the piston, the ratchet evenly distributes the force on the piston. Adjustable 360 degree ratchet swing of caliper press allows for use at any angle. Ideal The ratchet design makes the toughest braking jobs easy. The centrally located ratchet evenly distributes the force in a parallel fashion to prevent misalignment of the pistons. Brake caliper piston tool is equipped with 4 steel plates to push various single, double, and four-piston calipers. Additional panels allow for a wider range of lengths to work more efficiently on larger calipers.

Socket For Porsche, Audi Q7 Brake Callipers; 10-PT

£18.28 Ex. VAT
For use on the brake pad screw for Porsche Audi Q7 VW TOUAREG. 10-Point Brake Calliper Socket.