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Hydraulic Car Dolly Jack

£166.22 Ex. VAT
Allows for the easy moving of damaged Vehicles. Load capacity 680 kg per jack. Tire width up to max. 295mm. Ground clearance: 150mm. Max. lifting roll distance: 550 mm (extended). Min. lifting roll distance: 270 mm (retracted). Dimensions (retracted): 345 x 630mm. Dimensions (extended): 800 x 630mm. Available separately: 7081-1-WW: Replacement Hydraulics. 7081-2-WW: Replacement Wheel.

Trolley Jack; 3 ton, Heavy Duty

£177.19 Ex. VAT
Heavy duty rear castors & large saddle aid positioning. Perfect for loaded vans up to 3.5 Ton GVW. 3-Ton max lifting capacity. 145mm to 520mm lifting range. Twist handle release mechanism. Weight: 37.4kg.

Trolley Jack; 3.5 ton, Low Profile Heavy Duty

£249.47 Ex. VAT
Double action mechanics. Strength, lightweight aluminium & steel structure. Product Size: 760x355x160mm, Length: 698.5mm, Weight: 42.5 Kg. Min Range: 82mm / Max Range: 525mm. 50'' handle for easier pumping whilst under load.

Trolley Jack; Aluminium, 2.5 ton

£221.63 Ex. VAT
Dual lifting piston. Durable and lightweight aluminium / steel construction. Min. height: 100mm. Max. height: 460mm. Rear height: 155mm. Length: 640mm. Width: 285mm. Weight: 26.6 kg. Front castors: Ø 65mm. Steering castors: Ø 45mm.

Trolley Jack; Mobile Type; Air Hydraulic, 20 ton

£327.09 Ex. VAT
Capacity: max. 22 ton. Min. height: 260mm. Max. height: 435mm. Piston stroke: 120mm. 4 attachments for different min. and max. heights: Ø 48 mm, length 20, 60 and 100mm. Ø 68 mm, length 25mm. 80 mm lifting spindle, adjustable.