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Automatic Mini Pipe Cutter

£28.13 Ex. VAT
Allows cutting pipe sizes: 1/8'' (3mm) to 5/8''(16mm). Cutter size: 48x35mm.

Brake Pipe Benders 2-Piece Set

£22.22 Ex. VAT
Allows users to precisely match proper angle and point on the run to make bends one new brake pipes.

Brake Pipe Coating Removal Tool

£33.47 Ex. VAT
This tool allows you to remove the protective nylon coating prior to flaring the brake pipe. This prevents ''bad flares'' which occur when brake pipes are flared with coating on which can lead to leakage.

Brake Pipe Spanners; 6-Piece Set

£55.41 Ex. VAT
Sizes: 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19mm.

Brake Pipe Straightener

£88.59 Ex. VAT
For straightening coiled pipes efficiently & accurately. Compatible with all types of light wall coiled tubing and also capable of making smooth bends. Allows for straightening various types of coiled tubing including copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and more. Sixteen high quality rollers provide an excellent hand held solution for straightening and curving brake pipe. Get the job done quickly, with minimal material cost to yourselves and your clients, while also providing an incredibly high standard of workmanship. Pipe size: 3/16''.

External Deburring Chamfer Tool 13-36 mm

£82.69 Ex. VAT
Designed with Sharp Tungsten Blades: For repairing damaged bolts. Works on various Materials: Also works on stainless steel, hardened steel,

Hand Held Brake Pipe Flaring Tool

£50.34 Ex. VAT
The fastest and most convenient way to create double or single fl ares on brake lines. Can be used on a variety of materials including copper, nickel and stainless steel. The ability to work in situ with the vehicle saves huge amounts of time and effort.

Hydraulic Ram For 1034-1-WW

£99.84 Ex. VAT
Durable hydraulic ram ideal for use with brake pipe flaring tools. Available as part of 1034-1-WW.

Mini Ratchet Pipe Cutter 4.75mm

£55.41 Ex. VAT
Specially designed Mini Piper Cutter for professional cutting of Brake Pipes. Compact design and ratcheting function allows for use directly on the vehicle and hard to reach areas. Automatic readjusting function means no need to re-tighten unlike conventional pipe cutters, allow for much faster cuts. Ergonomic handle improves leverage.

Pipe Deburring Tool For Use On, Copper | Brass | Steel | Plastics

£20.25 Ex. VAT
Suitable for pipe internal diameter of 3 to 12 mm and pipe outside diameter of 4 to 14mm. For outer and inner de-burring of metal pipes. Outside cutter made of HSS steel. Can also be used on plastics. Inner cutter retractable.

Professional Brake Pipe Flaring Tool Kit

£266.39 Ex. VAT
Includes 4 pairs of jaws: 3/16'' / 4, 75 mm - 1/4'' - 6 mm - 8mm. Can be used on copper, brass, aluminium and steel pipes. Ideal for flaring of brake and hydraulic pipes. For coated and non-coated pipes. For inside and outside flaring.

Universal Deburring Tool

£44.44 Ex. VAT
The handy universal deburring set with 4 multi-purpose blades to help you produce a perfect finish for a wide variety of jobs. This innovative blade holder has 4 folding shafts which can be easily locked in position for the duration of usage then folded back into the holder allowing the tool to be carried and stored. Works well on a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, and plastics.

Universal Flaring Tool

£88.59 Ex. VAT
For flaring thin-walled steel, aluminium and copper pipes. Suitable for pipe diameters: 4.75 mm (3/16'') and 6:00 mm (1/4''). Can be used in a bench vise. Solid construction. Includes: Basic unit with spindle and handle. 4.75 mm flare tool (concave convex). 6:00 mm flare tool (concave convex). 4.75 mm clamping jaw. 6:00 mm clamping jaw. Cylindrical / flat flare tool.

Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set

£388.13 Ex. VAT
Comprehensive hydraulic flaring kit for suitable for use on GM fuel lines, brake lines, transmission. lines and air conditioning lines. Hand held hydraulic pump allows for easy use. Sizes: 45° Double Flaring: 3/16'', 1/4'', 5/16'', 3/8'', 1/2''. Metric Bubble Flaring: 4.75, 6, 8, 10mm. Push-Connect Forming 1/4'', 5/16'', 3/8''. GM Fuel Line Forming: 5/16'', 3/8''.