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Jack; 3-Ton Extended Pneumatic, 3-Balloon

£298.69 Ex. VAT
High Capacity The pneumatic jack capacity: 3 ton (6600 lbs). Lifiting Height Range: 15-40 cm (5.9"-15.75"). Well Constructed The pneumatic jack is made of high strength steel, the whole body is sturdy and durable. Larger stressed area, fits on soft and easy-collapsing place. Thickened Rubber The thickened rubber and steel plate work together to make the lifting safer and more stable. The combination also reduces impact, and leads to precise lifting.

Tyre Lever with Polymer Protector; 535mm

£21.09 Ex. VAT
Effective tool for mounting and dismounting tyres on aluminium and steel wheels. The polymer protector prevents damage to the rim when used correctly. Sliding protector is designed to be slide up the lever to protect the wheel rim. Super tool for use on Run flat and low profile tyres. Length: 535mm.

Universal Press Support Stacks

£349.95 Ex. VAT
Set of 3 specially innovated Press Block Stacks. Designed to provide an efficient and effective quick solution to assist in the pressing & removal of wheel bearings & housings; working in conjunction with the Hydraulic Press. The unlevel design of wheel bearing housings/arms makes it extremely difficult in pressing new bearings in. Pressing them in level is almost impossible. The WELZH innovative design with precision cut outs allows for superior pressing in almost all wheel bearings housing from all manufacturers.

Universal Wheel Housing Spreader Tool

£64.96 Ex. VAT
Specially designed for expanding suspension strut and ball joint mountings (to separate the suspension strut from the wheel bearing housing). The large spreading range enables universal use for almost all vehicles. Innovative design of the parallel pressure surfaces prevent the tool from slipping or jumping out.