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Exhaust Expander Set 3-Piece

£88.59 Ex. VAT
Designed to expand heated pipes. Used for the install of new exhaust pipes on older components. Expander 1, spread range from 31 to 44mm. Expander 2, spread range from 39 to 61mm. Expander 3, spread range from 54 to 87mm.

Exhaust Hanger Removal Plier

£55.41 Ex. VAT
Can be used on most vehicles, offering the best solution to a common tricky problem to save vast amounts of time. Facilitates removal of rubber hangers. 25-Degree opening angle for easy operation. Length: 367mm.

Exhaust Pipe Chain Cutter

£44.44 Ex. VAT
Ideal for cutting both thick and thin walled exhaust-pipes. Chain suitable for diameters from 19mm (3/4'') up to 83mm (3-1/4''). Gets into tight spots for easy cutting. A complete cut only takes 1/4'' turn of the tool. Hardened alloy steel cutting wheels.

Exhaust Pipe Flaring Tool

£83.53 Ex. VAT
Specially designed to flare & expand exhaust pipes open. Made from robust material to with stand extra strike force. Universal coverage to fit most vehicles. Diameter: 30-80mm.

Ratcheting Exhaust Cutter

£149.91 Ex. VAT
For use on pipe with a diameter of 34-67mm. Ratchet has 60 teeth with 6 degrees between each click. Spare blades available under Art. 1125-P1. Cutting depth 3mm.