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Master Wheel Hub & Bearing Removal,Install Kit

£284.95 Ex. VAT
Time Saving This wheel hub bearing press tool does away with the need for a shop press. Save time removing even seized-up wheel hub and bearing assemblies as this bearing press kit allows mechanics to install wheel bearings without a shop press. For All Wheel Hubs This wheel bearing puller/installer is one of the only tools for servicing front and rear wheel hubs and bearing on German cars. Install wheel hubs and bearings on most vehicles easily with our wheel bearing press kit. Simple Installation and Removal No need to remove the strut assembly or knuckle to remove/install the hub and bearing. The hub puller tool removes/installs hubs safely from the knuckle. Wheel bearing removal kit cancels the need for an alignment after use. Easy To Use Service your vehicles easily with our rear and front wheel bearing removal kit. This wheel bearing removal tool features all the adapters needed to service a number of foreign and domestic vehicles - BMW, Porsche, VW, and more.