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5-piece Engine Timing Tool Set for Ford Focus 1.6 TI-VCT & 2.0 TDCI Engines

£88.59 Ex. VAT
This timing tool set includes indispensable tools for checking and adjusting your engine's control times or replacing its tooth belt. This set is suitable for Ford Focus 1.6 TI-VCT, engine type HXDA (2003-2007) and 2.0 TDCI engines, engine types G6DA, G6DB, G6DC (2003-2007).

Alternator Pulley Tool Set; For For Eco-Blue Diesel 2.0

£32.57 Ex. VAT
Alternator Pulley Tool Set: Designed for removal & installation of the over-running alternator pulley. Applications: Transit Custom 2012,Kuga 2013, Transit 2014, Mondeo 2014, Focus 2015, Galaxy 2015, S-Max 2015, C-Max 2015, Edge 2016 & Transit 2019. Specifications: 24 mm length. 1/2?? Drive.

Belt Tensioner Wrench, Ford Duratorq Engines

£99.84 Ex. VAT
Designed for Ford Mondeo models with Duratorq 2.0, 2.2l TDDi/TDCi engines. Suitable for engines with D5BA, D6BA, HJBA, B, HJBC, FMBA, N7BA, QJBB and QJBA engine codes. OEM: 303 676.

Diesel engine locking Set

£133.03 Ex. VAT
Body dents can now easily be removed by working the sliding hammer. 3 replaceable strainers: Ø 70mm, Ø 100 mm, Ø 125mm.

Diesel Engine Timing And Injection Pump Tool Kit For Ford Durotorq” 2.0

£99.84 Ex. VAT
This kit has been designed for setting and adjusting the timing on Ford models with 2.0 and 2.4 16v TDCi engines. Applications: Mondeo, Transit ('01-'04) etc. Engine Codes: FMBA / B, D5BA, ABFA, D3FA, F3FA, D2FA, D4FA, F4FA. This kit is especially needed when making chain changes, engine repairs and work on the injection pump.

Engine Timing Tool kit – Ford EcoBoost 1.0 Belt Drive 3 Cylinder

£321.19 Ex. VAT
Essential Timing Kit Contains tools vital for setting and locking the engine and for setting the position of the variable cam timing units. This set is essential for maintaining timing belt accuracy during engine maintenance. Applications: Ford: B-MAX, C-MAX, EcoSport, Fiesta, Focus, Grand C-MAX. Engine: 1.0 EcoBoost, 1.0 SCTi EcoBoost. Engine Codes: SFJA, SFJB, M1DA, M2DA, M1JC, M1JE, P4JA, P4JB. OEM Codes and Contents: 303-1606-Variable camshaft timing locking tool. 303-1054-Tensioner pulley locking pin. 303-732-Camshaft alignment tool. 303-1605/1-Camshaft locking tool. 303-1605/2-Camshaft locking tool. 303-1602-Flywheel locking tool. 303-1604-Camshaft timing pin.

Engine Timing Tool Kit – Ford EcoBoost 1.5L 3-Cylinder

£144.95 Ex. VAT
Specially Designed For 1.5 Ford EcoBoost 3 cylinder engines with chain driven camshafts The Welzh kit locks the engines in their timed position; safely allowing the removal and replacement of the camchain as well as checking the camshaft timing. Applications Include Ford Fiesta (from 2018), Focus (from 2018), Focus Active (from 2019) and Kuga (from 2019). Engine applications: 1.5L EcoBoost Petrol YZJA, Y2DA, Y1DA and YZDA. Equivalent to OEM 303-1643, 303-1649

Engine Timing Tool Kit For Ford / Volvo 2.5 Turbo

£221.63 Ex. VAT
Timing and camshaft locking tool for Euro 4 engines found in Ford and Volvo models. Enables crankshaft to be held in place while working on the centre pulley nut which can be exceptionally tight. Suitable for HUBA, HUWA, HYDA engines. 2.5L. Volvo: C30 (06-10), C70 (98-10), S40 (96-10), S60 (00-09), S70 (97-07), S80 (98-06), V40 (96-10), V50. (04-10), V70 (97-07), XC70 (02-07), XC90 (02-10). Ford: Focus, Mondeo, S-Max 2.5 ST, Galaxy 2.5 ST (2005-). Diesel: 2.4D D5244T9, 2.4D5 D5244T8 D5244T13. Petrol: 1.6 B4164S, 1.8 B4184S, 1.9T B4194T, 2.0 B4204S B4204T, 2.0T B5204T3 B5204T4 B5204T5, 2.3. B5234FS, 2.3T B5234T3 B5234T7 B5234T9, 2.4 B5244S B5244S2 B5244S4 B5244S5 B5244S7, 2.4T B5244T.

Engine Timing Tool Kit For Ford 2.0 EcoBlue Diesel

£265.78 Ex. VAT
This timing kit has been designed for the latest Ford 2.0 EcoBlue TDCi engine which features an innovative ''belt in oil'' design where the synchronous drive belt is sited inside the oiled area of the engine. For Use On Ford Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom with Ecoblue TDCi engines: AWD, FWD, RWD 2016 onwards. Equivalent to OEM tools 303-1637, 303-1650, 303-1643.

Engine Timing Tool Kit For Land Rover & Jaguar 2.0 GTDi

£160.88 Ex. VAT
Includes: Camshaft alignment tool (OEM 303-1600, 303-1565). Crankshaft pulley alignment tool set (OEM 303-1595). Crankshaft sensor alignment tool (OEM 303-1521). Flywheel holding tool (OEM 303-1594). Crankshaft setting pin (OEM 303-748). Applications: Jaguar XE, XF, XJ (13-16). Land Rover Discovery Sport (15-16). Land Rover Freelander 2 (12-15). Range Rover Evoque (11-16).

Engine Timing Tool Kit Ford Transit 2.2 TDCI

£88.59 Ex. VAT
Applications: Ford/Jaguar: 303-1310, 303-698, 303-732. Ford: Transit (06-18), Ranger (11-18). Jaguar: X-Type (05-10). Land Rover: Defender (11-16). Engine Codes: 2.2: QJBA, BG, ID4. 2.2 TDCi: CVFF, CVR5, CYFF, CYF5, CYR5, DRF5, DRFF, DRR5, GBVAJPF, GBVAJQJ, PGFA, PGFB, P8FA, P8FB, QVFA, QWFA, SRFA, SRFB, SRFC, SRFD, SRFE, UHFA, UHR5. 2.2D TDCI ECOnetic: DRFC, DRFG, CYFC, CYFG. 2.2D TDCi HDT: UYR6, USR6. 3.2D TDCi: SAFA.

Engine Timing Tool Set For Ford

£72.28 Ex. VAT
Contains important tools for adjustment of flywheel, crankshaft, camshaft / pump shaft, fuel injection pump shaft, belt pulley, and tensioning of the timing belt. Includes adjusting gauge for camshaft, crankshaft, and pump shaft. Applications: 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 2.0 ltr 16V (also Zetec). 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, and 1.9 ltr D/TD/TDCi.

Engine Timing Tool Set For Ford / Volvo 1.6 Ecoboost

£94.50 Ex. VAT
This kit has been designed for setting and adjusting the timing on 1.6L direct injection petrol engines fitted with variable valve timing. This engine can be found in Ford models and Volvo models with the same set up. Applications: Ford B-MAX 1.6 IQJA 2012. C-MAX, 1.6 JQDA 2010. C-MAX, 1.6 JQDB 2010. C-MAX, 1.6 JTDA 2010. C-MAX, 1.6 JTDB 2010. Focus, 1.6 JQDA 2011. Focus, 1.6 JQDB 2011. Focus, 1.6 JTDA 2011. Focus, 1.6 JTDB 2011. Galaxy, 1.6 JTWA 2010. Galaxy, 1.6 JTWB 2010. Grand C-MAX, 1.6 JQDA 2010. Grand C-MAX, 1.6 JQDB 2011. Grand C-MAX, 1.6 JTDA 2010. Grand C-MAX, 1.6 JTDB 2011. Mondeo, 1.6 JTBA 2010. Mondeo, 1.6 JTBB 2010. S-MAX, 1.6 JTWA 2010. S-MAX, 1.6 JTWB 2010. Volvo, S60 1.6 B4164T3 2011. S60, 1.6 B4164T 2011. S60, 1.6 B4164T2 2011. S80, 1.6 B4164T 2010. S80, 1.6 B4164T2 2011. V60, 1.6 B4164T3 2011. V60, 1.6 B4164T 2011. V60, 1.6 B4164T2 2011. V70, 1.6 B4164T 2010.

Engine Timing Tool Set For Ford EcoBoost 2.0L

£110.81 Ex. VAT
For setting and adjusting the timing on chain-driven 2.0L petrol engines with direct injection and variable valve timing. Applications: Ford: Galaxy, Mondeo, S-Max, Focus. Engine Codes: TNWA, TNBA, TPWA, MGDA, XQDA. OEM Tools: Crankshaft locking tool: 303-748. Camshaft alignment plate, (up to 05.2011): OEM 303-1504. Camshaft alignment plate (after 05.2011): OEM 303-1565. Alignment tool for crankshaft position sensor: OEM 303-1521. 2 mm tensioner locking pin.

Engine Timing Tool Set For Volvo T4 and T5

£99.84 Ex. VAT
This kit has been designed for setting and adjusting the timing on Volvo models with T4 and T5 engines. Applications: T4 (1.6 & 2.0L), T5 (1.6 & 2.0L).

Injection Pump Remover / Installer Ford ECOBlue Diesel

£194.06 Ex. VAT
Set Specifically Designed For: This set is for removing and installing injection pumps on mainly ford engines which run on ecoblue diesel. Applications: Ford Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo. For Ecoblue TDCi engines: AWD, FWD, RWD 2016 onwards. Engine codes: YLFS, YMFS, YNFS, YLF6, YMF6, YNF6, YLR6, YMR6, YNRS. Equivalent to OEM tool 303-1635.

Master Engine Timing Tool Set;For Ford , Mazda

£144.95 Ex. VAT
Various Applications For Ford Mazda, Fiesta, Fusion, Puma, Focus, Focus C-Max, Mondeo, Cougar, S-Max, Galaxy, Courier, Tourneo Connect, and Transit Connect. Durable and Long Lasting Heat treated and made from heavy duty carbon steel. For Diesel and Gas Engines FOR FORD 1.8 D/TD/TDCI diesel and 1.25-2.0 16V Zetec petrol engine. Includes Camshaft and flywheel locking tools, a camshaft sprocket remover, pins for locking the various parts of the engine.

Stretch Belt Fitting Tool Dual Size Pulleys

£75.66 Ex. VAT
For use on duel size pulleys particularly with the Ford Focus. This kit has been designed especially for installing and dismantling stretch belts on double pulleys. Save huge amounts of time by installing in one action.