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18-Piece Radio Removal Set

£33.47 Ex. VAT
For the assembly of radios and radio-navigational system for most car types and brands. Old and new radios from Blaupunkt. Old and new radios from Becker Radios. Grundig Original radios in Porsche models. Original radios in Mercedes models. Original radios in Audi models. Original radios in Ford models. Original radios in BMW and Opel models. Original radios in VW models. Original radios in new Skoda models.

23-Piece Terminal Release Tool Set

£88.59 Ex. VAT
Allows easy removal of terminals and other connectors including ABS, climate sensors, radios etc. Universal compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. Suitable for both round and tabbed connectors. Prevent damage during removal.

6-24 Volt Automotive Multi Tester Probe

£54.95 Ex. VAT
Specially Designed For 6-24 Volt systems to test continuity, polarity of voltage, short circuits, electric motor, and more. Easy to Use Up and down indicated buttons allow for adjustable negative and positive current. LED Light Indication Red and green lights indicate positive and negative currents. Overload Protection Short circuit protected as it automatically disconnects if the current exceeds 8A. Long Cable 5m long cable makes for easy use and access.

Automatic Wire Stripper With Voltage Detector

£48.38 Ex. VAT
Automatic wire stripper with voltage detector. Visual and Audible voltage detection indicator. Auto switching prevents battery discharge. Non contact voltage detector 12-250v AC. Always check on a known live source. Stainless steel wire cutter (cuts 10 - 30 AWG). Crimps non insulated terminals. Supplied with 2 LR44 button cell batteries.

Gas Soldering Torch Kit

£66.66 Ex. VAT
Gas volume 30ml, flame temperature 1300(°c). Soldering temperature 450(°c), hot air temperature 600(°c). Professional 3-in-1 soldering iron / torch / hot blower. 7 accessories: Chisel tip, anvil tip, at tip, deflector, solder, cleansing sponge & a cap. Electronic application: soldering, heating and heat-shrinking. 90w-150w equivalent electrical power.

Micro Gas Torch With 162-Piece Heat Shrink Kit

£55.41 Ex. VAT
Range of coloured tubing with temperature range between -55°C to 125°C. For repairing worn & damaged vehicle wiring. Mini Butane gas torch with 6ml capacity.

Soldering Iron; Cordless-Rechargeable

£66.66 Ex. VAT
Set Includes: Cordless soldering Iron with built in rechargeable battery lasting up to 70 mins of continuous use. Two Soldering Tips 12w soldering tip & 30w soldering tip. Tool cover for protection LED Working Light For use in hard to see areas.