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Puller For Ribbed Drive Belt Pulleys

£73.69 Ex. VAT
Pulling range 40 - 168mm. For generators, air conditioners, water pumps. Includes 10 mm hex wrench.

Timing Pulley Puller

£58.22 Ex. VAT
Can be used on pulley with 3, 6, 9 slots. Especially useful for drive pulley with face grooves. This tool saves the risk of damage to the pulleys during removal. Legs are universally adjustable allowing it adapt to the many different pulleys available.

Universal Pulley Puller

£83.53 Ex. VAT
Draws pulley by the holes without causing damage. Adjustable legs allow the puller to adapt to many applications. Can be used on many variations. 8 slots for holding pulling legs in different positions. Ø 16 mm spindle with centring ball 24 mm drive. 18 mm pulling legs.