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2-Ton Pneumatic Jack (Extended)

£465.19 Ex. VAT
This product is designed for lifting vehicles at maximum height of 400mm and minimum of 140mm. Lifts load with compressed air. Uses 105 psi of air pressure max. Compact and lightweight.

Hydraulic Car Dolly Jack

£155.25 Ex. VAT
Allows for the easy moving of damaged Vehicles. Load capacity 680 kg per jack. Tire width up to max. 295mm. Ground clearance: 150mm. Max. lifting roll distance: 550 mm (extended). Min. lifting roll distance: 270 mm (retracted). Dimensions (retracted): 345 x 630mm. Dimensions (extended): 800 x 630mm. Available separately: 7081-1-WW: Replacement Hydraulics. 7081-2-WW: Replacement Wheel.

Wheel Dollys 2-Piece Set

£110.81 Ex. VAT
Ideal for manoeuvring in small areas, for example with 4 steel castor wheels. Lateral struts prevent the tyre from slipping. Max. tyre width: 360mm. Dimensions: 385 x 605mm. Capacity: 450 kg.