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3-Piece Mini Impact Adaptor Set 1/4”X36, 3/8”X1/2”, 1/2”X3/4,

£55.41 Ex. VAT
Can be used with air tools. Extra stubby design. Sizes: 1/4f to 3/8m - 3/8f to 1/2m - 1/2 f to 3/4m.

8-Piece Universal Impact Adaptor Set + Universal Joints

£99.84 Ex. VAT
Impact proof reducer and converter set for 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 drive. Includes: Universal Joint 3/8 & 1/2. Converter 3/8f to 1/2m. Reducer 1/2f to 3/8m. Converter 1/2f to 3/4m. Reducer 3/4f to 1/2m. Converter 3/8f to 1/4m. Reducer 1/4f to 3/8m.

Adapter Set; 8-Piece Set Impact, 1/4”dr-1”dr

£77.63 Ex. VAT
For use Manually or with Air Tools. Contents Included: 1/4''dr X 3/8''dr. 3/8''dr X 1/4''dr. 1/2''dr X 3/8''dr. 3/8dr X 1/2''dr. 1/2''dr X 3/4''dr. 3/4''dr X 1/2''dr. 3/4''dr X 1''dr 1''dr X 3/4''m.

Adapter Set; Impact, 6-Piece Set 1/4”dr-3/4”dr

£50.34 Ex. VAT
Sizes: 1/4'' internal to 3/8'' external. 3/8'' internal to 1/4'' external. 3/8'' internal to 1/2'' external. 1/2'' internal to 3/8'' external. 1/2'' internal to 3/4'' external. 3/4'' internal to 1/2'' external.