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Dead Blow Hammer Set; 4-Piece

£61.31 Ex. VAT
Piston hammer features an extended head that allows the hammer to pass the deck of the engine block for piston installation. Piston hammer provides dead blow action and absorbs shock, reducing the chance of injury. Complete range for a wide variety of Uses. Soft face to stop damage to surfaces. Includes. 7027-1-WW 1/2 lbs. Dead Blow Hammer. 7027-2-WW 1 lbs. Dead Blow Hammer. 7027-3-WW 2 lbs. Dead Blow Hammer. 7027-4-WW 32 oz. Piston Hammer.

Hammer Set; 6-Piece All Purpose

£88.59 Ex. VAT
A premium quality hammer set that includes the most popular sizes: Standard hammers come with durable fiberglass handles and the dead blow hammer is encased in a long lasting flexible composite skin. 1840-1-WW: 16 oz ball pein hammers with fiberglass handle. 1840-2-WW: 32 oz ball pein hammers with fiberglass handle. 1840-4-WW: 3 lb cross pein hammer with fiberglass handle. 1840-5-WW: 3 lb sledge hammer with fiberglass handle. 1840-3-WW: 32 oz rubber mallet with fiberglass handle. 1840-6-WW 24 oz dead blow hammer.