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Hose Connector Kit; Plastic, 113-Piece

£22.22 Ex. VAT
Straight Connectors: (30) 1/8'' x 1/8'' (10) 3/16'' x 3/16'' (8) 1/4'' x 1/4'' (6) 5/16'' x 5/16'' (6) 3/8'' x 3/8'' Straight Reducers: (10) 1/4'' x 3/16“ (6) 3/8'' x 1/4'' Tee Connectors: (12) 1/8'' (8) 5/32'' (8) 3/16'' (6) 1/4'' (3) 3/8''.

Linch Pin Assortment – 50-Pieces

£22.22 Ex. VAT
Galvanized & Zinc coated. Includes: Linch pin 16 x 4.5mm. Linch pin 18 x 6.0mm. Linch pin 6 x 8.0mm. Linch pin 10 x 11.0mm.

Nox Sensor Tap M20X1.5

£60.95 Ex. VAT
Damage Free Restoration The removal of the NOX sensor usually causes damage to the threads as a normal tap is too long, and it might be placed at an angle that provides the new sensor with an incorrect mounting position within the exhaust. The damage can also be caused by the high variation in temperature and carbonization. The WELZH tap allows for damage free restoration of the NOX sensor hole thread, with the alignment guides ensuring it is at the correct angle. Extra Short Can be used with a socket or ratchet for hard to reach areas. Time and Money Saver No need for a new exhaust system. Universal For diesel particulate filter, any exhaust sensors, and those in a catalytic convertor.

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps 70-Piece Assortment 8-60mm

£44.95 Ex. VAT
70 Piece Assorted Stainless Steel Hose Clamps Heavy duty, non perforated band. 201 stainless steel band and housing. Various Applications For marine, industrial, automotive, agricultural, chemical and general purposes. Damage Free Rolled edge and underside to prevent hose damage. Secure Sealing Technically advanced design for superior sealing. Flexible band for superior sealing. Conforms to hose. High strength for reliable sealing. Easy Installation Hexagonal head with screwdriver slot. Low free torque for ease of installation. Contents 10 x Hose Clamp 8 - 12mm. 10 x Hose Clamp 10 - 16mm. 10 x Hose Clamp 12 - 22mm. 10 x Hose Clamp 20 - 32mm. 10 x Hose Clamp 25 - 40mm. 10 x Hose Clamp 32 - 50mm. 10 x Hose Clamp 40 - 60mm.

Universal Pedal Depressor

£74.95 Ex. VAT
Extendable Adjustable for depressing and holding vehicles? brake, clutch or accelerator pedal down. Can be extended from 520 to 850mm. One Man Job Holds the throttle at a set RPM for checking emissions and brake lights. The u-shaped steel plate can be firmly placed on the steering wheel. Damage Free Rubber foot and vinyl dipped bracket for firm placement and a damage free operation. Various Applications Depresses and holds all kinds of car and truck brake, clutch, or accelerator pedals. Easy Adjustment The stepless, extendable design allows the adjustment of the tool in any preferred position.