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Gearless Ratcheting Calliper Press Kit

£104.34 Ex. VAT
Suitable for 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 Multi Piston Callipers. 3-Size PadsĀ Included: 90mm for 1 & 2 pistons. 148mm for 4 pistons. 180mm for 6 & 8 pistons.

Ratcheting Brake Calliper Press

£66.66 Ex. VAT
A truly universal solution to for separating twin and quad piston fixed callipers as well as single and twin piston floating callipers. The ratchet is designed so it is in a central position allowing the spreading plates to spread the force evenly which prevents misalignment of the pistons. The ratchet lever can be moved 360 degrees to allow easy access.