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£94.50 Ex. VAT
For pulling out of ball joints from the wheel bearing housing, straightening work on car bodies. The open design will allow this item to be use on a huge amount of applications. Paired with the 4212 you will have unstoppable pulling force.

Heavy Duty Slide Hammer

£166.22 Ex. VAT
Heavy duty slide hammer compatible with a large number of Welzh products including Hub Pullers. M18 x 1.5 thread allows use throughout the Welzh range of tools giving a high amount of applications. For use with Welzh adaptor kits. Huge 2.5kg hammer

Wishbone Lever Bar

£77.63 Ex. VAT
The wishbone extractor tool is for pushing down the wishbone and other suspension parts for example during the disassembly of the drive shaft or during the replacement or exchange of the wheel bearing. After loosening the ball joint the wishbone must in most cases be pushed down against the bush or stabiliser tension in order to pull the joint from the support. Sliding adjustment for easy positioning. Material: CR-MO steel with steel tube. Adjustable canter lever hook. Comfortable rubber grip. Single person operation. Total length: 1180mm. Maximum leverage.

Wishbone Lever; Universal

£194.06 Ex. VAT
This tool is used to pull the lower suspension arms down and into place while the hub is being removed, making the job easier and more time effective. Replace swivel joints, remove axle shafts and pull shock absorbers from the lower seat. Pull down cross-linkers with ease, in order to access axles. Easy to use an universal application thanks to adjustable chain length. Allows totally hands free working environment when working on ball joints, wishbones etc. Usually this would require two people adding to expense and overall time.

Wishbone Off-Set Lever Bar Pat

£134.82 Ex. VAT
Principle of operation: The design of this tool allows you to push down on the wishbone and other suspension parts during the disassembly of the drive shaft when replacing the wheel bearing. In the majority of cases the wishbone must be pressed down onto the bush in order to pull the joint from the support. When using traditional methods the ball joint is prone to damage. A safe working environment can be achieved when using this tool compared to traditional methods.