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26-Piece Engine Timing Tool Set For BMW Engines, N42, N46

£276.75 Ex. VAT
This kit has been designed to allows setting and adjusting of the timing on BMW models with N42, N46, B18/-A, B20/-A/-B engine codes. Applications: BMW: 1, 3, 5, X3, Z4 (models: E87-46-60-85-83-90-91). Contains important tools for camshaft assembly and disassembly also for valve timing of camshafts. Included OEM tools: clamps for intermediate lever: OEM 119310. bearing bridge holder: OEM 119320. Thumbscrew: OEM 119302. Eccentric shaft holder: OEM 119301. Camshaft locking tool: OEM 119290. Camshaft locking tool (inlet): OEM 119302. Clamping tool: OEM 11940. Spring holder: 119390. Camshaft sensor tool: OEM 119350. Screw: OEM 119390. Camshaft rotation key: OEM 119270. Crankshaft locking tool (straight): OEM 112300. Mounting bolts 3x: OEM 119320. Screw: OEM 119290. Camshaft locking tool, to be used as OEM 119290. Crankshaft locking tool (angled): OEM 119190. Mounting bolts: OEM 119320. Setting tool for balancer shaft: OEM 119330.

BMW Timing Tool Set S54

£155.25 Ex. VAT
Designed for setting and adjusting the camshaft timing when installing the VANOS adjustment unit on BWM S54 engines. Applications: BMW M3.

Diesel Engine Setting-Locking Tool Set For BMW N47-57, 2.0-3.0 ltr Chain Drive

£88.59 Ex. VAT
For mounting of the camshaft, replacing the timing chain, and cylinder head gasket. Suitable for the following applications: 116d 118d 120d 123d, type E81 E82 E87 E88 F20. 316d 318d 320d 325d 330d type E90 E91 E92 E93 F30. 520d 525d 530d 530d GT 535d 535d GT M550d,. type E60 E61 F07 F10 F11. 640d type F12. 730d 740d 750d, type F01. X1 1.8d 2.0d 2.3d, type E84. X3 1.8d 2.0d 3.0d, 3.5d type E83 F25. X5 3.0d 4.0d M5.0d, type E70. X6 3.0d 4.0d M5.0d, type E71.

Diesel Injection Fuel Pump Puller BMW

£44.44 Ex. VAT
To be used on 2.5 TDS engines in BMW (E34, E36, E38), Land Rover, Vauxhall/Opel. BMW OEM: 13-5-120. Land Rover OEM: LRT12-119. Vauxhall/Opel OEM: KM 825.

Engine Timing Tool Kit For PSA 1.0/1.2VTi Engines

£155.25 Ex. VAT
Designed for working on the camshaft drive, renewing the cylinder head gasket, etc. Includes: Camshaft adjustment tool to be used as OEM 0109-2a. Flywheel locking tool to be used as OEM 0109-2b. Suitable for the following models with 1.0/1.2vti engines: Peugeot 208 / 2008 (2012-'14), Citroen C3. Engines Codes: EBO (ZMZ), EB2 (HMZ).

Engine Timing Tool Set BMW/Mini W16D

£88.59 Ex. VAT
This kit has been designed for setting the timing on W16D16UO engines. Applications: BMW MINI, Mini Clubman (07-10) on R55/56/57 models, engine with the codes W16D16 (9HZ) and W16D16UO. Citroen 1.6 diesel in C2, Xsara, Picasso, C4, C5, C4 Picasso, Grand Picasso and Berlingo. Peugeot 1.6 diesel engine in 1007, 206, 207, 307, 308 and Partner.

Engine Timing Tool Set For BMW, Mini, Citroen, Peugeot 1.4/1.6 N12

£188.44 Ex. VAT
BMW Mini / PSA with 1.4 / 1.6 Valvetronic engine. Engine Codes: N12 / N14- 1.4 VTi - EP6 8Fs, 1.6VTi - EP6 5FW, - 1.6 THP - EP6DT 5FX, 1.6 THP - EP6DTS 5FY.

Engine Timing Tool Set For MINI / PSA Engines N12

£99.84 Ex. VAT
This kit is needed for replacing the cylinder head sealing and setting the timing. Applications: MINI One, HB Cooper, Cooper, series R55-56 with engine code N12. Citroen C4 (08-09), C4 Picasso (08-09). Peugeot 207 (06-09), 207CC (07-09), 308 (01-09). with engine: 1, 4 VTi (Valvetronic), EP3 (8FS) (Valvetronic), EP6 (5FW), 1.6THP (Direct Injection), EP6DT (5FX), EP6DTS(5FY). OEM Tools: Crankshaft locking tool use as OEM 119590. Camshaft locking tool use as OEM 119540. Chain tensioner use as OEM 119340.

Petrol Engine Timing Kit For BMW, Mini, Citroen, Peugeot Chain Driven

£88.59 Ex. VAT
Designed for setting and adjusting the timing on BMW and PSA models. OEM tools included: 11.3.340, 11.4.360, 11.5.140, 11.9.280, 11.9.330.Applications: BMW 1 Series: 116i E81/82/87/88 (04-09), 118i E81/82/87/88 (04-14), 120i E81/82/87/88 (04-14), 125i E82 (07-12), 130i E81/87 (05-12), 135iS E82 (07-12). BMW 3 Series: 316i/ti Compact E46 (01-07), 316i E90/91/92/93 (05-14), 318i/ti Compact E46 (01-07), 318i E90/91/92/93 (05-12), 320i E90/91/92/93 (05-12), 323i E90/91/92/93 (04-11), 325i E90/91/92/93 (04-12), 330i E90/91/92/93 (04-14), 335i E90/91/92/93 (04-14). BMW 5 Series: 520i E60/61 (07-10), 523i E60/61 (04-10), 525i E60/61 (04-10), 530i E60/61 (05-10). BMW 6 Series: 630i E63/64 (04-11). BMW 7 Series: 730i E65/66 (04-12). BMW X Series: X1 sDrive 18i E84 (10-12), X1 xDrive 18i E84 (10-12), X3 2.0 E83 (05-10), X3 2.5/3.0 E83 (06-10), X5 3.0 E70 (06-10). BMW Z Series: Z4 2.0 E85/86 (04-09), Z4 2.5/3.0 E85/86 (05-09). BMW Mini: Clubman (R55) (08-14), Cooper S R55/56 (06-10), Cooper R55/56 (06-10), Mini One R56 (07-10) Mini (R56/57) (08-15). Citroen: Berlingo (09-16), C3 Picasso (09-15), C3 III (10-15), C4 Picasso/Grand Picasso (08-13), (08-11), C4 (08-11), C4 II (11-15), C5 III (09-14), DS3 (04-15), DS4 (11-15), DS5 (12-15). Peugeot: 207 (06-13), 207CC (07-15), 208 (13-15), 2008 (13-15), 308 (07-15), 308CC (09-15), 3008 (09-15), 508 (11-15), 5008 (09-15), Partner III (09-16), RCZ (10-16). Engine Codes: BMW: N40; B16A, N42; B18A, B20A, N45T; B16AC, N46; B18, B20, B20B, N46T; B20, B20B, B20BD, B20BZ, B20O2, N52; B25A, B25AE, B30, B30A, B30A/O0, B30AF, B30F, B30U1, N52K; B25A, B25AE, B25AF, B25AF/O1, B25BE, B25U1, B30A, B30AE, B30AF, N53; B25A, B30A, N54; B30A, B30A/AA, B30T0. BMW Mini: N12; B14, B14AB, B16A, N14; B16A, B16CD, B16CD/T0. PSA: EP3 (8FP), EP3 (8FS), EP3C (8FN), EP3C (8FP), EP3C (8FR), EP6 (5FP), EP6 (5FW), EP6C (5FH), EP6C (5FK), EP6C (5FS), EP6C (5FW), EP6CDT (5FE), EP6CDT (5FM), EP6CDT (5FN), EP6CDT (5FV), EP6CDTE (5FR), EP6CDTM (5FE), EP6CDTM (5FM), EP6CDTX (5FU), EP6DT (5FT), EP6DT (5FX), EP6DTE (5FR), EP6DTE (5FX), EP6DTS (5FD), EP6DTS (5FF), EP6DTS (5FY).
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