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Torsion Socket Set; 110nm, 17, 19, 21mm, 1/2”dr

£88.59 Ex. VAT
Torsion sockets which allow torque of up to 80ft lbs (108Nm) when used with an air impact wrench. Prevents the over tightening of wheel nuts. Manufactured from Chrome Molybdenum. Profile: 6-Point. *Please note always use a Torque Wrench to check the torque*. Sizes: 60076-17-WW 17mm. 60076-19-WW 19mm. 60076-21-WW 21mm.

Vibro-Force Spindle

£114.95 Ex. VAT
Specially designed to be used with a high-Torque Impact gun to generate a combination of high pressing force and impact shock. To be used in conjunction with Hub Puller plates (example: Welzh 1017-2-WW, 1017-XLBASE-WW). Material: Cr-Mo. Specs: 35X200l.