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23-Piece Bearing Puller Set; With Leg Extensions & Ball-End Adaptors

£85.42 Ex. VAT
Bearing Puller Set: This set includes self locking insert adaptors which allow simple removal of blind bearings. More Effective than Traditional Pullers: Removes a variety of blind bearings where traditional bearing & gear pullers fail to reach as easily. Ball End Tip Adaptors: These fit in easily to deep groove bearing races. Provides traction when turned 90? inside the bearing case for easier & quicker extraction. Time Saving Solution: This method helps when accessing the ball bearing isnt possible through the outer ring or through the bore. Ball End Adaptor Sizes Included: 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12.5mm.

Adaptor To connect 1017-1017-1-WW

£21.66 Ex. VAT
Adapter to allow 4212 and 1017 to be used with a slide hammer. Also suitable for use with 1017-1-WW.

Camshaft Pulley Holder Tool Set

£84.95 Ex. VAT
Camshaft Pulley Holder Tool Set Pulley holding tools used across the VAG group. Specially Designed For holding camshaft, crankshaft, oil pump, water pump pulleys, and sprockets while loosening and tightening the fixing bolts. Adaptors Included ?4.8mm, ?6mm; square 15 x 6mm, square 15 x 12mm; cup 13 x 17mm, cup 16 x 20mm; Spline M10, M12. Equivalent to OEM T10172A (T10172), T10554.

Easy Lock™ Wiper Arm Removal Tool

£30.09 Ex. VAT
The simple click and lock mechanism is much easier and faster than the traditional removers on the market. Can be used on 99% of vehicles on the market today.

Heavy Duty Slide Hammer

£166.22 Ex. VAT
Heavy duty slide hammer compatible with a large number of Welzh products including Hub Pullers. M18 x 1.5 thread allows use throughout the Welzh range of tools giving a high amount of applications. For use with Welzh adaptor kits. Huge 2.5kg hammer

Puller For Ribbed Drive Belt Pulleys

£73.69 Ex. VAT
Pulling range 40 - 168mm. For generators, air conditioners, water pumps. Includes 10 mm hex wrench.

Puller Set 2 & 3 Legged; 12-Piece Universal

£276.75 Ex. VAT
Pulling depth up to approx. 105 - 210 - 265mm. Pulling width up to max. 135mm. Puller legs are suitable for 2- and 3-leg crossbars (included). Free moving legs allow internal and external pulling operations. Hardened pulling feet.

Puller Set; 10-Ton Hydraulic Set

£276.75 Ex. VAT
Hydraulic ram 10 ton (4148-WW). 2 extension rods - one twin head and one triple head. 3 legs each in following lengths: 100, 150 und 200mm. Max. pulling width: 240 mm with 100 mm pulling leg length. 280 mm with 150 mm pulling leg length.

Puller; Quick-Grip Universal Puller 2 & 3-Legged

£88.59 Ex. VAT
Quick-Grip Universal Puller. Specially designed Quick set up function allows for superior set up and use compared to traditional pullers. Can be used either 2 Or 3 Legged. Legs can be internal or externally Used. Sizes: Spread 26-102 mm, Spindle up to 102mm.

Quick-Grip Universal Puller 2 & 3-Legged 12-Ton Hydraulic

£349.95 Ex. VAT
Ideal for pulling on a huge range of vehicles thanks to three sets of interchangable jaws. Easy assembly and jaw swapping allows for a fast reliable kit with a huge range of applications. Includes: 12-ton hydralic ram. Quick change center mount. Shift protector cup. Extension Bars: 50 & 100mm. 3x Small Jaws: 178mm. 3x Medium Jaws: 217mm. 3x Large Jaws: 267mm.

Universal Pulley Puller

£83.53 Ex. VAT
Draws pulley by the holes without causing damage. Adjustable legs allow the puller to adapt to many applications. Can be used on many variations. 8 slots for holding pulling legs in different positions. Ø 16 mm spindle with centring ball 24 mm drive. 18 mm pulling legs.

Universal Ring Puller

£221.63 Ex. VAT
Three jaws with the thin edge provide an equal grip tension to avoid any slide or tilt. Prevents unnecessary grinding and lowers risk of damage to parts. Suitable for all kind of bearing and sleeves diameter up to 125mm. Applicable: Renault, Peugeot & Citroen Toyota, Benz, BMW, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Lexus, etc. Replacement legs 1168-1-REPAIR-WW.