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Engine Timing Tool Set for Mercedes M271

£257.91 Ex. VAT
Required when changing the timing chain. Suitable for following Mercedes-Benz models: CLK 200K (W209), C 180K, C200K, C 230K (W203), C Sport coupe C 160K, C 180K, C 200K, C 230K, E 200K (W211), SLK 200K (R171), C 180K (W204), CLC 180K, CLC 200K, C 180 CGI, C 200CGI, C 250CGI (W204), E 200CGI, E 250CGI (W212, C207). Suitable for Engine Codes: M271 E18ML (02-), DE18ML (03-05), E16ML (08-), DE18LA (09-). Holding device for timing chain, to be used as OEM 271589014000. Camshaft locking tool, to be used as OEM 271589006100. Locating pin, to be used as OEM 271589001500. Timing chain tool, to be used as OEM 271589003100.

Timing Chain Guide For Mercedes Benz 651

£203.34 Ex. VAT
Includes: Crankshaft Rotating Device. Camshaft Blocking Holder. Distribution Chain Tool. Camshaft Solvent Key.

Timing Chain Reverting Tool

£187.59 Ex. VAT
Ideal for renewing and riveting timing chains. The old timing chain is fed in with help of the new chain, meaning a dismantling of the timing chain case is often not required. Suitable for Mercedes-Benz models with simplex and duplex timing chain with 4 mm chain bolt. To be used as Mercedes-Benz OEM tools 112589096300, 602589003900, 602589023300, 602589024000, 602589056300, 602589056301.

Timing Tool Set for Mercedes-Benz

£99.84 Ex. VAT
For setting and adjusting the timing on Mercedes Benz M651 engines e.g. Mercedes Benz 1.8/2.1 CDI diesel engines. Applications: A-Class, C Class, CLA, E-Class, GLK, M-Class, S-Class, Sprinter, SLK, Viano and Vito. Engine Codes: 180CDi, 200CDi, 220CDi, 250CDi, 210CDi, 310CDi, 510CDi, 213CDi, 313CDi, 216CDi, 316CDi 416CDi, 2.0CDi, 2.2CDi, 110CDi, 113CDi, 116CDi, 250 and 300 Blue TEC. OEM Tools: Camshaft Locking Tools (2) - 651 589 01 40 00. Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool - 651 589 00 40 00.