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Clutch Aligning Tool Set

£88.59 Ex. VAT
For centering of the clutch disc. Includes: 8 centering bushes (crankshaft bore / pilot bearing). Diameters: 12.1-14.2-15.1-16.1-17.1-18.0-19.0-20.1mm. 3 clutch disc centering pins. Diameters: 14.9-19.7mm, 19.8-27.2mm, 22.8-36.0mm.

Clutch Alignment Tool For Trucks

£221.63 Ex. VAT
This tool set allows for the correct alignment of single or double disc clutches of trucks and tractors to the engine. For trucks with single or double disc clutches (universal).

Dual Mass Fly Wheel Tool

£221.63 Ex. VAT
For testing the condition of the vehicles Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF). Ideal for checking the DMF's condition before the new clutch is fitted.

Inner-Driveshaft Extractor Fork

£155.19 Ex. VAT
Designed to allow for the quick and safe removal of drive shafts by connecting properly with the locking clip rings found on many front wheel drive vehicles in order to properly leverage out the inner driveshaft. Slots in perfectly between the gear box and the driveshaft for optimal contact and leverage on a wide range of common vehicles including Ford, Volvo, Renault, Mazda, and more. Having this proper tool prevents damage to the drive shaft and surrounding components with no need to pry, hammer or pull. Made from 10mm thick steel with corrosion resistant zinc coating. Rubber coated handle with hanging hole. Contact Lever Diameter: 55mm. Jaw Diameter: 85mm. Length: 380mm.

SAC Clutch Repair & Alignment Tool

£199.41 Ex. VAT
For fast and professional inputs and expansion of SAC clutches. Suitable for a vast majority of SAC clutches with 3- and 4-hole pitch of the manufacturer VAG, MB, Opel, Volvo, Renault, etc. Other models suitable for: Audi A3 A4, A6, A8, VW Passat, Golf, Sharan, Tiguan, Ford Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy, transit, Mercedes C, e, CLS, S, CLK, SLK, SL BMW 320, 330, 520, 530, Alfa Romeo 147, 159, 166, Fiat Ulysse, Croma, Ducato, Lancia Phedra, Thesis.

Self Adjusting Clutch Tool

£165.66 Ex. VAT
Designed for pre-tensioning the clutch plate before assembly. Applications: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Vauxhall/Opel, Volvo etc.

Self Adjusting Clutch Tool Kit

£231.19 Ex. VAT
Designed to assembly and disassemble SAC Clutches. Fits on nearly all SAC clutches with 3 and 4 hole pitch from VAG, MB, Opel, Volvo, Renault etc. Applications: Audi A3, A4, A6, A8 VW Passat, Golf, Sharan, Tiguan Ford Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy, Transit Mercedes C, E, CLS, S, CLK, SLK, SL BMW 320, 330, 520, 530 Alfa Romeo 147, 159, 166 Fiat Ulysse, Croma, Ducato Lancia Phedra, Thesis.

Universal Clutch Aligning Kit (17-Piece)

£38.88 Ex. VAT
Quick & Easy Alignment Kit: Designed for aligning the flywheel pilot hole and the clutch drive plate. Universal 17 Piece

VW/AUDI DSG Clutch Tool Kit

£243.56 Ex. VAT
For use on VW Golf 2004 onwards, Tourareg (6 speed), Audi A3 2004 onwards. Designed for the installation & removal of twin clutches found on Audi & VW 6 & 7 speed gearboxes.